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Sports Management

We manage sports professionally!!

Tournament Management

White Peacock Sports Management deals with managing tournaments and other badminton competitions. We manage tournaments for corporate organisations, public and sport organisations too for all age groups and in all the levels from sub junior to senior national level.

We have managed tournaments like, Amway Tournament, Bowring Club Tournament, Century Club Tournament, Life is World Tournament, ABB Company's Annual Tournament, Inter School Tournaments, Sports Club Tournaments, Open Tournaments for Non Professional players, to name a few.

Here is a glimpse of the tournaments organised by us,

Inter School Tournament

Inter School Tournament at WhitePeacock Inter School Tournament at WhitePeacock Inter School Tournament at WhitePeacock

Sports Club Tournament

Sports Club Tournament at WhitePeacock Sports Club Tournament at WhitePeacock

Open Tournament

Open Tournament at WhitePeacock Open Tournament at WhitePeacock

Court Maintenance

We undertake maintenance service of your shuttle courts. Together with shuttle badminton courts, we also take care of squash courts, tennis courts and basket ball courts.

We maintain your courts on a regular frequency and we cater both wooden and concrete floors.

Court Maintenance Plan

Court Maintenance package entails the following,

Hand/Machine Scrub

Hand/Machine Scrub is the latest method of careful scrubbing to clean the stains off the wooden floors. It is important to keep the playing surface even, clean and smooth for it's longevity.


AntiSkid is the traditional surface coating over wooden floor which ensures foot-grip to players while playing. It is the most important prerequisite that not only assures safety but also makes the indoor sport possible on a slippery wooden floor.

Clear Mark

ClearMark is the play-standard line-marking of court boundaries on the floors. A clearly visible court line-marking is imperative for players. It not only empowers player's clear judgement but also improves the look of your court.

Anti Termite

Anti termite is a most important basic measure which is used to protect the wooden floors from white ants and termites. It is important to keep the wooden flooring damage free for it's longevity from changing environmental conditions.

Wall Paint & Pole Paint

Wall Paint is the application of fresh wall coating on the three inner walls of Squash Court. Pole Paint is the application of fresh paint on the badminton net poles.

Floor Paint

Floor paint is the way for the concrete floor to resist the constant abuse from chemicals, water, heavy traffic and from changing weather. To keep the pace of the game & for the bouncing of ball to be consistent and footing to be true. It is important to keep the surface clean & hygienic in all weather, for player's safety & comfort.

Our Works

Country Club, Adarsha Residence, Bangalore Vihara Kendra, Jade Garden, ECA Club, Prakruthi Residence, Reliance Club, Sadashivnagar Club, Brigade Millenium, to name a few are the places we have maintained the courts.

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