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Procedure to enrol in White Peacock Badminton Academy


White Peacock Badminton Academy is a residential as well as non-residential Shuttle Badminton Coaching Academy for all age groups. White Peacock has been training players at various locations in Karnataka, India since 2005. It has produced unmatched performance results in all age groups.

Players are admitted to training camps in all age categories upon successful completion of tests and interview.

Selection procedure entails a general written and physical fitness test, to ascertain the player is fit for the training regime, followed by a personal interview with the Chief Coach.

Selected players will be registered as a member of White Peacock only upon the receipt of the application form duly filled-in, along with the documents listed below.
Advance payments by cheque/card/cash/funds transfer made out to WHITE PEACOCK SPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED must accompany the application form.

The filled application form with the payment must be handed along with the application fee, which is non-refundable, over to WPBA office.

The following documents are to be submitted while admitting the player to the academy,

Application form to be collected at White Peacock Badminton Academy Office.
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