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About Us

Vision, Mission & Values

About White Peacock Badminton Academy

White Peacock Badminton Academy is a young company founded in 2005 by N. Shiva Prakash with passion and love for sports.

We've embarked on a challenging journey of making a difference to the Indian Sporting scenario. Our Primary objective is the implementation of Professionalism in Sports starting with Shuttle Badminton and to provide the necessary resources to develop sports persons of International Caliber. Our focus is from grass-roots level to professionals.

White Peacock Badminton Academy

Our philosophy in White Peacock is complete wellness; here we combine exercises and teaching for the mind, body and the spirit to make our students a better athlete and human being.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of Indian Badminton by being the leading source to the industry.

Our Values : We are a company driven by 3 Ps

We have learnt the strength and indispensability of Patience in any human endeavor. And by this personal experience we assert the application of this virtue in our actions and projects.

Every man yearns for the purest of Happiness. How could this be attained without the purity in application? We believe in keeping our Means pure and leave the worries of the Ends.

No good results are obtained sitting idle. We work hard to see you happy not because we believe in the ‘Collectivist theories’, our happiness doubles when we see you happy. So, our perseverance is well worth the efforts. We imbibe the same in to our Workforce and those associated with us in any endeavor.